The New Age of Commerce

The trend of mobile app installations has been on the rise year on year without showing any signs of slowing down. In 2020 alone, there were an astonishing 100 billion+ downloads of mobile applications across the App Store and Google Play..

A user spends 88% of their mobile time and usage on applications. 21% of the millennials open a mobile app as many times as 50/day. It safe to say mobile apps are now pretty much part and parcel of our everyday lives and existence. Interestingly, the number of apps in the Google Play Store available for download has increased to 2.9 million, and this number is constantly changing. .

There were more than 250 million daily app downloads between 2019–2020

Designing a mobile application requires a combination of wireframing, a solid backend structure, responsive design and efficient performance. We understand all the coding and programming languages involved.

The major cause of app uninstalls is due to crashes and performance related issues, amounting to 71% of uninstalls. It is still a relatively high statistic. We only design long term sustainable apps. Put your trust and faith in the Digital Easily Mobile Application and development team to design you a world class level app for your brand.



We don’t do ordinary and normal. We only develop applications that are created to produce the best possible user response. Applications that are durable and stand the test of time and instil consumer confidence. Our development team is at the forefront of technological advancements and can help connect you to your customers in the best possible way with an application that functions as it should. We can build it for iPhone, Android and Windows.


Mobile apps are unique in the sense that you form direct relationships with you customers and are therefore able to understand their behaviours better. Your able to gather more specific details and examine their interactions with your app thereby building your own primary data and knowing how to target them on other digital channels.


Most consumer traffic takes place on mobile optimised websites. Too often a key mistake is when time is spent trying to make a desktop version of a website optimised for maximum quality and mobile is neglected. Of those consumers searching online traffic, more than 50% is done through mobile. Its vital that your brand offers a pleasant, user friendly mobile experience. We can make it possible. Don’t miss out on that potential traffic.

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